Sunday, August 10, 2014

This Week: Peach Pie and a Pillow

     The thing I will miss most about summer is the end of fresh peaches. How wonderful they have been! We have enjoyed them alone (I have to peel Sweetface's for him--he doesn't like the fuzzy skin.) We have enjoyed them sliced with ice cream. But I couldn't let the whole summer go by without making at least one scrumptious peach pie. 
Just mix together in a large bowl:
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 cup flour
1 Tablespoon Minute Quick-Cooking Tapioca
Then peel and slice 8 cups of fresh, juicy peaches.
Stir them into the dry mixture.
Sprinkle a little more Tapioca onto the bottom of your pie crust,
fill with the peaches mixture, top with a crust, and cut venting holes.
Cover the edges of your crust with a 2 inch strip of foil to protect from burning.
Bake at 425 degrees for 30 minutes, then remove foil from edges  and
bake another 15-20 minutes, or until browned and bubbly.
Remove from oven and cool.
Serve up a slice with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon sprinkles on top!
Yesterday I had a nice surprise-- Tina dropped by
with her 2 year old granddaughter Hadley.
Hadley shows you just what an adventure life is!
She is the most feminine little thing.
And the sweetest thing ever!
And the company was very welcome, since so many of our
friends and neighbors have been away on vacations.
And, sadly, some of our favorite neighbors Ever, Arlene and Willem, 
have moved to be closer to family in Chicago.
(Sad for us; happy for them.)
Diane and Gary, next door, were on vacay all week,
so it felt way too quiet on our street.
And Becky has gone to South Africa for 3 whole weeks!
She has been sending amazing photos of her petting baby Cheetahs,
eating exotic foods, and seeing amazing sights.
(Maybe she will let me post some of her pics after she returns?)
In the Creative Department, I did manage to make a nice pillow this week.
I had been saving this beautiful piece of vintage embroidery work for a long time.
I paired it up with the perfect green pillow ticking from my stash.
(An old Roberta Horton piece for you long-time quilters out there.)
I cut it to 19" square to fit an 18" pillow form.
I used half inch seam allowances.
For the back of your "Envelope" Pillow Case, 
figure out how wide it will be and divide by half.
Mine was 19" TOTAL, including the half inch seam allowances,
 thus 8 1/2" wide--Then add another 2 1/2" on each half for overlap,
plus another inch for a seam allowance=another 3 1/2" added.
So each side of the back was cut 8 1/2" plus 3 1/2" = 12" wide x 19" total.
(I hope that's not too confusing--my math is sometimes wrong, or at least strange!)
Once you have made the two hemmed-on-one-side-each back pieces,
Overlap them by 2 1/2" and pin in place.
Then lay the pillow top on top and pin all around.
Then I do something different from most people when making a pillow cover:
I draw a circular edge around each corner and cut the point off.
This will keep it from having those ugly, wrinkly, not-full corners.
Then stitch carefully all around the pillow and remove pins.
Fill it with a fluffy pillow form.
I got mine with a coupon at Joanne's Fabrics.
It's easy to make one to a particular size if you prefer.
Then lay it on a nice spot and try it out!
See how nicely the corners turn out?
This got me going on taking photos of this guest bedroom.
It has a "new" antique quilt, which has so much tiny piecing and hand quilting.
I love this handmade needlepoint chair which I found
at a local flea market a couple of years ago.
Hard to believe someone let it go from their family.
It is dated 1978, and so beautiful.
I hope one of my grandchildren keep it when I'm gone!
In the Ebay Department, I had another good sales week.
However, I did not attain my goal of 30 listings.
I got 24 listings done, then got distracted by actually removing listings!
I decided I had to thin out my old things and donate them to charity
to make more room for the new ones.
Maybe this week I will get more listed?
How was your week? What are your goals this week?



  1. The peach pie looks wonderful; I'm impressed!!! I've never made a pie with a pie crust on top. My pies are all covered with meringue. Your pillow turned out great; love the curved edge idea! and you guest room is absolutely beautiful! Love your new old quilt!

    1. I think we should sample each others' pies??? :-)

  2. It was a Joy and made my week to stop by and see you Linda, you always make me feel so special when I enter into your wonderful home. You are truly such a light from God and I learn something new from you each and every time we are together. Thanks for letting me bring Hadley. She went home and had all kinds of stories to tell her Mom and Dad, she remembers every detail, even the cat looking at her out of his home!!. Love you!! tb

  3. Wow you are so creative. Love those pillows. And congrats on your sales..awesome on the horse carving. Amazing!