Sunday, August 31, 2014

Weekly Update 8/31/14

   I didn't accomplish a lot this week, having spent part of it returning from Alaska, and the other part of it getting over jet lag. That overnight return trip was a doozie of discomfort.  (But worth it, of course.) One thing that I wanted to show you is that living in Alaska is a bit different from what I am normally used to. Living in the heart of middle America, I am not used to seeing sights like this:
  or signs like this when I go out for a walk:
(Hey, I really don't WANT to try to "outrun" them!)
I was really amazed at how different a simple grocery shopping trip
 can be in Alaska, where I am not used to seeing things like this:
A large display of bags for your elk or moose quarters.
(Do you think those might make good Ebay mailers?)

Fishing nets larger across than I am tall,

Grizzly Bears in the frozen foods department,

or Dog Sledders

or Inuit ladies in the fish section, for that matter!
So that was all a very good experience for Sweetface and me.
We now LOVE Alaska!
(He is even talking about retiring there now--Really???)
Once we got back at home Sweetface dragged his tired self off to work
while I went to work unpacking, doing the laundry, and putting everything back
to normal.  The kitties were thrilled to have us home, and we were, too.
I did get something made while we were gone:
This little felt rabbit that I showed you I got a kit from Kata Golda on ETSY.
Yesterday I got a couple of hours to play in the studio:
I made seven pairs of earrings using vintage and new elements.
(One pair already went home with Becky, who came over while I was playing--
first time we saw each other since she left for Africa three weeks ago.)
Some of these will hopefully wind up in my ETSY store later this week.
And in spite of having my Ebay store totally turned off while we were gone
(I decided I did not want to be fielding questions and sales while we were
enjoying our vacation) I did have a good week of sales.
(Those of you who know how to check out my "completed sales" can take a peek!)
These were auctions that I scheduled before we left, and which ended today, mostly.
I only did a dozen new listings this week.  I have about 75 clothing items waiting
to be listed ASAP.  Hopefully I will make a nice dent in those this week!
What did your week look like?
What are your goals for the new week?


  1. That first pic is just beyond beautiful and amazing! I can't imagine running across one of those signs on my walk. I would be forced to walk every mile on my treadmill. I get nervous about the occasional loose dog on my walks around here :)

    1. Ha! I guess you can get used to most anything, even the threat of bears. :)