Sunday, September 14, 2014

Weekly Update: 9-14-14

This week started out with cleaning off the deck and porch,
removing the remnants of sun bleached plants,
and starting to think autumn.
Harvested the last of my parsley and basil. 
Then Janine "twisted my arm" and talked me into doing a little shopping at the local antique mall.
I had not been there in maybe a year, so that was fun.
I found a few treasures.
Tuesday our Palisades Pals group took our dear neighbor Arlene out for a special farewell luncheon at Imogene's Tea Room. Arlene and her husband have already moved away to Chicago to be near their family and sweet Grandson, but are still in process of selling their home here.
                 It is heartbreaking for us to think of losing our dear, sweet friend and neighbor.
Arlene is the kindest hearted, good humored woman--and gourmet cook!
I can't bear the thought of not seeing her cheerful face across the street any more.
But we cannot blame them for wanting to be with their wonderful family,
and we wish them all the best!

The rest of the week was consumed with preparing for a neighborhood garage sale on Saturday.
Janine and Karen brought over their offerings to our garage and we enjoyed chatting and laughing while droves of customer came and went. Unbelievably, it was only 45 degrees when we got up in the morning. It was in the high 90's all last week! This is the Midwest for you! It was hard to find something warm enough to wear, with all the winter clothes packed away for the summer.
Our favorite garage sale customers were these two ladies who bought lots of glamorous rings--
they were so much fun! It was even more fun because Arlene was having her own garage sale right across the street from us, clearing out the last of the things they didn't want to move.
We had lots of running back and forth and bantering between all the neighbors.
And after the sale while I was cleaning up the garage, Arlene came over and brought me a trophy (which fortunately for me did not sell in her garage sale--I can't imagine why!)
She announced that I had been overwhelmingly selected as the Garage Sale Queen!
I was most amazed and honored to receive such an esteemed title and award.
Now my little pig friend sits in a place of honor on the laundry room coat rack.
I will always be reminded of a wonderful day,
a wonderful week,
and a wonderful friend.


  1. 1. That little corner of your laundry room looks like a boutique - which seems like it would keep dirty laundry less dirty feeling.
    2. I am politely envious that you and your neighbors are so friendly. Must make getting up at the crack of dawn in the cold so much easier.

    1. Yes, they about the only thing I would drag myself out of bed for that early, for sure. :-)

  2. I was on a work assignment last Saturday about 2 hours away and when we were traveling home we stopped at an antique mall. I have to say that I was totally overwhelmed! There's a lot of stuff at thrifts, but holy cow, there was so much stuff, my eyes started to cross, not knowing where to look. I'd have to stay there for days trying to look at everything. LOL

  3. Its deinitely a sensory overload experience. I do take hours to walk thru!