Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekly Update: 9-22-14

It was a good week.
Sweetface was home all weekend
(not playing in the church band this weekend-yay!)
He also took a vacation day last Monday!
So lots of time together with him, and with kitties, relaxing.
I made waffles for breakfast Saturday.
I converted 16 pairs of vintage clasp and screwback earrings to pierced.
(Hopefully will soon be on Ebay.)
 We were also thrilled to buy a couple of long-wished-for
 items from Arlene's garage sale last weekend--a big gas grill,
 a treadmill for the downstairs "Man Cave",
 and a lamp that I had always admired!
Thank you Arlene!

 On Thursday night I was delighted to go to dinner
at Ann's gorgeous home--a log cabin in the woods--
with Ruthie and Becky.
 Totally "Girls Night In"!
 Below is the view of Ann's kitchen from the loft.
 The living room and fireplace.
 Her bedroom, with her latest handmade quilt.
 Screened-in porch.
 Back yard patio.
 She also has a lovely garden.
(With a flying pig.)
 Ann's delightful fish tacos!!!
 Her scrumptious apple delights,
and my coconut pie with raspberries.
 I am convinced there is nothing better in life
than lingering on the porch with great food,
a glass of wine,
abundant laughter with dear friends,
 until late into the darkness, until you are
surrounded by the night sounds of chirping and croaking,
with gentle little colorful lights
around the ceiling of your porch.
It's really, as I said, "like Fairyland."


  1. Sounds and looks like a lovely week indeed! :)

    1. Yes; wish you could have been here too, Kimberly!

  2. Oh a wooden cottage in the woods, that alone sounds like a fairytale! You look so cosy reading with your pussy cats xx

    1. It is beyond amazing. I am lucky to have a friend who lives like a Hobbit!

  3. Love those earnings Linda. Would love to go shopping with you to see what you get. I'ts interesting how different inventory is from seller to seller!

    Love the setting of the cottage. I want to move out into the country so bad!

    1. Yes, me too--right into Ann's log cabin!!! (I know; envy is a bad thing!) :-)

  4. Oh my goodness! I love Ann's log home!!