Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekly Update: 9-28-14

 My big accomplishment this week was painting the front door.
Yes, PINK!
I actually took Sweetface with me to pick out the paint color.
He loved the idea, and found the perfect pink chip.
I spent most of the day Thursday putting three coats of paint
 over the old scratched up original dark green.
I had gone to my favorite "Foofie" store in the area last week,
"Three French Hens", for their 25% Off Everything Sale.
I purchased this real boxwood wreath then.
Earlier in the summer I had picked up this nice bow there
from their clearance table for only $1.00.
Together they were perfect for our new pink door.
I think it pops nicely, don't you?
(I love, luv, LOVE pink and green together!)
This week I also had the window cleaner out.
I only had him clean the outside of windows I can't reach.
By this time of year they are disgustingly covered in dirt
and, worse yet, in spider webs and dead bugs. (Gack!)
So now we are all spruced up outside again. 
 Yesterday, while my "assistant" snoozed on the job,
I did more jewelry cleaning and photos up in the studio.
Hopefully I will get all of these gorgeous pieces
listed in my Ebay store this week. 
The hardest one for me to part with in this batch is this
 vintage sparkling pastel rhinestones heart necklace.
I have to keep reminding myself that I can't keep them all!
Biggest indulgence of the week: making brownies.
And then adding a TAD of ice cream on top.
And chocolate sauce.
 At the big Three French Hens sale I also found these
cotton plant stems to put in the pretty autumn vase which
I bought from another neighbor at our neighborhood
garage sale a couple of weeks ago.
I think it works well together.
Most romantic moment of the week:
Dinner with Sweetface after Saturday night church.
Isn't he cute! :-)
What did you do this week?


  1. Yes, the pink brightens your porch and the wreath and bow are perfect! MMMM. brownies with someone did have a good weekend! Happy Fall!

  2. Your pink door is gorgeous! I bought a boxwood wreath recently too. I hung mine outside, but it stayed damp and starting 'leaking' green color on everything. :( I'm going to try to find a plastic one.

    1. Oh, dear--I hope mine doesn't leak green, too! Will let you know if it does. Was your porch covered?

    2. It is a covered porch, but the rental house is located in an area with lots of humidity. Plus we had several rain storms that blew into the front porch. My wreath couldn't take all that I'm looking for a plastic one for outside now. ;)

    3. I bet you can find one on Ebay. :-)

  3. Love - Love the pink door!
    When you have a chance can you send your window washer to PA, so I can avoid cleaning all the dead bug carcasses from ours this weekend? :)

  4. Pink was the perfect choice, and I love the wreath, too! The jewelry is so pretty, and the dessert looks scrumptious!!

    1. Thanks, Kimberly. Some of my friends said it would be a huge mistake to paint the door pink, so I really had to screw up my courage. But as Sweetface said, "It's only paint!" We both love it, though.

  5. I love how your house looks with the pink door! I wouldn't normally even consider painting a front door pink...but now that I see how great yours looks I've changed my mind.

  6. Aw! You call your husband Sweetface? That is the cutest thing ever!

  7. Aw! You call your husband Sweetface? That is the cutest thing ever!