Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekly Update 9-8-14


   It was a short week for me with Sweetface home for the Labor Day Holiday on Monday.
So I got very little listing done on Ebay, which was just as well because they were having
major problems with their systems. I got tired of it acting weird and gave up! So I only got 22 items listed. It was probably the worst ever sales week I have had since beginning serious selling about 7 years ago, as well, due in part I guess to the fact that a lot of people couldn't even get onto Ebay, and also due perhaps to the roll-out of their new ratings systems for sellers.  Hopefully that will all pass and get back to the new normal, with all the new seller rules they have imposed on us. 
     The worst, to me, is that from now on if your Buyer contacts you through Ebay for most any reason at all after the sale--the Post Office broke the item, they wonder why it hasn't arrived yet, or the shoes they bought don't fit with their thick socks even though they are exactly the size you stated--you get penalized for it by Ebay and have to pay THEM more fees on every transaction.  I know; I called about several of these types of things today, and they would not remove my "Defects" regardless of how nonsensical it seemed to me. So I spent an hour on the phone for that. I will have to start including a note in all of my packages asking my customers to please contact me directly FIRST, before trying to go through Ebay. So, as you can tell, I am not about all of that.

      So, with all that kvetching over and done with, we started out last week with a nice outing to a gathering of the church band members at a country retreat. Sweetface is a drummer in the band, and that is his major enjoyment, fellowshipping with the worship team and making joyful music.

     I made two loaves of pumpkin bread this week, and sent one to a dear friend who has been very ill, but I trust will be completely healed very soon.  She had returned this basket and vintage embroidered towel, so back it went to her again!

     An interesting thing happened Friday. I was rushing about doing my usual Friday errands and shopping. When I was leaving the parking lot of the grocery store I saw a man, woman and about 13 year old boy under a shade tree by the entrance. The man held a sign that said, "I don't have a job. Please help my family." By the time I read it I had passed by them onto a busy road. I wondered what to do. I thought they might just be panhandlers, but they did look rather desperate to me. So I drove to a nearby Burger King and got three large Whopper meals with large sodas (I know; not too healthy, but it was something quick and filling), and I drove back. By then a police car had pulled up with its lights on and an officer was instructing them to move on. As they walked away I pulled up and said, "I brought you something," as I handed them their food out the passenger side window.  They thanked me nicely. I gave them the name and location of the nearest Christian food pantry, and they thanked me again. I asked, "Where are you from?" since they had European accents. "Romania," the man replied.  "How did you get into this country?" He said, "Through Mexico." 
     Then they walked across the parking lot and got into a nicer car than I was driving (which isn't hard since I drive a 1998 Toyota, and love it by the way) and that is the last I saw of them. I wondered how many people, from how many countries, and for how many reasons, are crossing our southern border--only to find there is nothing here for them.  A girlfriend said they sounded like "gypsies" to her, just scamming soft hearted people. She may certainly be right. But I would feel better about being scammed than I would about ignoring a family that might be hungry, as I drive by with a car full of groceries. I wonder how commonplace such scenes may become in the near future, even here in the middle of the nation.

     I made a pair of earrings and a crocheted necklace out of vintage and newer beads. The earrings have two blue milk glass drops; my last ones. The necklace is crocheted from a "bead soup" I made up of random pastel beads and fastened with a vintage button. I have yet to get my latest pieces in my ETSY shop.  But this week will be mostly devoted to getting ready for our second annual neighborhood "Garage Sale"--great time to dispose of a lot of household clutter that really isn't worthy of my Ebay store. 
     I hope you had a good, productive week, and are enjoying September heading into early Fall. Be thankful if you have a family, a home, and a meal on the table. I know I am.



  1. My Dad always complains about beggars and such. And I am sure that many of them do scam people. I won't give $, but will do exactly what you have done Linda. It makes me feel good that I have helped, and as Christians, we are instructed to help. Whatever they do after that is up to them.

  2. Linda, we live not too far from Springfield, Illinois. We travel there almost everyday for work and activities. There are people holding signs at almost every major intersection throughout the city. The economy here is the worst I can remember. Most of the handful of jobs that are available are only part-time and pay minimum wage. It's truly a very sad situation for those trying to support their families. I think what you did was lovely and I'm sure much appreciated.

  3. Although we don't have much money either, I ALWAYS give to people I see on the side of the road....even if they look like broken-down alcoholics -- I can't resist it, and I don't care if they are buying booze with the (little) money I can give, that's up to God to work out. I remember an old-ish homeless woman I saw 20 years ago when I worked in the city, I called aide organizations all the next day because I was so upset about it! I remember the man telling me that most homeless people know exactly where all the shelters and aide places are, and if they aren't there it's because they won't comply with the No Substance Abuse policy for staying there. Somehow that makes me MORE sad for them now that I'm older, having now KNOWN people with addiction problems and known the people who love them.

    BUT, I totally understand people not wanting to give to people like that and I don't blame them -- I just can't do it, although usually I only have dollars or change in my purse to give them, so I don't know how much help I ever am!

    AND, I LOVE the necklace you made!!!! I normally don't like multicolored beads or things, but yours looks so vintage and lovely! :-)

    1. Thank you for the excellent comment, Lisa Diane. Yes, addiction is indeed heartbreaking--especially when people "need" it more than food.