Friday, October 31, 2014

Great Ideas: Make an Old Dish New Again

      I bought this little two-sided candy dish at an estate sale last week. It was a total impulse buy. You see, I have a serious weakness for English Staffordshire china. I just do. Can't resist it. Even though I have a whole set of dishes of Staffordshire. Maybe I lived there in a former life? If I believed in reincarnation I would think so. The feeling of it in my hand is a comforting sensation. Different from any other china, no matter how much more expensive. So I bought this, even though it was a bit down in the tooth, as they say.
      The dishes are not chipped. They have a tiny bit of crazing, which I love. And the gold trim has worn off quite a bit around the top edge.  And the metal frame they sit in was a bit caddy-wampus, with the paint half worn off.  But I loved the little calico print around the sides.  

     Some folks would be purists and prefer to leave it just as it is, which is fine. But this is no museum piece, and I want it freshened up a bit.  I do that for myself sometimes; go in for a good haircut and a manicure, so why not give this darling little candy dish set an update? So I put all the pieces through the dishwasher for a good cleaning.
The metal frame came out half black and half brass.

The dishes came out clean, but still with missing gold trim.

So I straightened up the frame a bit with a pliers, then put the frame in my
spray painting box in the garage and gave it a good coat of flat black paint.

I got my felt tipped Krylon 18kt. Gold Leafing pen and
 ran it carefully around the top edge of the dishes.

I think that looks much better.

Now this little candy dish set is a good as new.
I love it, in fact!

Do you have a favorite old dish?