Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekly Update: 10-20-14

      We took a whirlwind three day trip to Denver this past week to visit our grown up children, daughter Erin and her husband Sean (left), and son Daniel (right), .
Erin and Sean had just adopted two adorable grey "Grand-Kittens" for us!
But one of the kittens, Hildegard, has "Evil Eyes"!  Yikes!!!
Ecclesia, on the left has more normal eyes. :-)
They are SO precious, and it's so comical to watch their funny antics.

     We spent one night in Denver and one night in Colorado Springs, which was much more colorful and autumn-looking. We spent the night in Denver at the Hotel Monaco, which was decorated in what I deemed "Cheesecake Factory on Steroids Style."  Everything was wild, colorful and over-the-top in a fun way, from the ginormous headboard on our bed,
to the funky aqua blue side chairs in our bedroom,
to the life-size cow by the elevators,
to the exotic Art-Deco ceiling in the Lobby.
 The hotel provides free coffee, wine and appetizers every evening--nice!
Darn, we drove right past the nearby Cannabis shop!
(Unfortunately there are plenty of them now in Colorado.)
 In Colorado Springs we had time for a nice father-son walk
 in the woods and lots of sight-seeing. I forgot to snap a photo of
snowy Pike's Peak overlooking the town. (Next time!)
Once we got home I had to catch up on some Ebay shipments.

A little later I thought I heard a truck in front of the house.
Sure enough, there WAS a truck in front of the house!

      In fact, there were at least a dozen fire trucks and  emergency vehicles and police cars
 on our street! Turns out that the construction crew building a new house on our street accidentally broke a gas main. It smelled BAD out there! But after about an hour it was all fixed, and our excitement died down. It did provide a lot of unexpected front-yard visiting amongst us neighbors. We decided that so many vehicles arrived was because it was a gorgeous day, and they wanted to drive through Steak&Shake for lunch. :-) But we were very glad they came!
I also took advantage of the gorgeous weather to go outside and
spray paint some items black. This birdcage had been white.
Now it sits atop our bookshelves in the office.

With an antique photo inside.

This was an ugly, corroded brass key holder.
I think it looks much better in black. 
Yesterday I made a pot of chicken-vegetable soup.
I cleaned out the old vegetables in fridge, used frozen homemade
 chicken broth, boiled a couple of breasts in it,

   and chopped one up for the soup and made chicken salad with the other.

It was yummy.
What did you do this week?




  1. Love the hotel room and the evil kitty :)

    1. I'd love to bring that "evil kitty" home with me, too!

  2. Glad our neighborhood was saved! What happened to "call before you dig"? Also, LOVE the cow..