Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekly Update: 10-27-14

Autumn Color

The colors finally peaked this week in our little town.
How I love October in Missouri!
The weather has been absolutely perfect.
The view from our family room, below, was best of all.

Social highlight of the week: Impromptu Garage Party
     Somehow Arlene, Janine and I managed to wind up sitting in my garage, talking and laughing, and generally having a great time. Then Arlene's husband surprised us by bringing over a tray of stemmed crystal glasses filled with delightful Italian wine! I then brought out a tray of Gouda and crackers and olives. Then Sweetface showed up with the camera to document our silliness. After that I can only say, "What happens in my garage stays in my garage." :-)

Experimental New Recipe of the Week: Lettuce Sandwiches
     What??? Yes, indeedy--I saw it on TV! It sounds like something the down and out folks would eat on a subsistence diet, I know. But a very "upscale" New England lady showed how she makes these to serve with fresh lobster. I was only serving fresh caught salmon (yum!), but I decided to try it.
Slather sliced bread generously with mayonnaise.  Then place a thick slice of iceberg lettuce on it, followed by a bit of red leaf lettuce.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper. It was yummy! We actually enjoyed it a lot. Go figure. Sometimes it's worth it to take a crazy risk, huh?

     This week I also worked hard to try to achieve my goal of 40 Ebay listings, and got close at 37. It was a better than average week of sales, making it worthwhile. Then on Saturday Janine and I went to another big estate sale.  Since we both sell on Ebay, and are friends living across the street from each other, we don't like to compete with each other at the sales. So often we just agree to work together and split the listing work and split the profits on whatever we find.

     This time we scored a huge flock of ducks! Real hunter's duck decoys anyway. And plenty of other items, too.  We took photos of everything yesterday. Now Janine is going to become the "duck expert" and list those, having hunters in her family.  I will list the rest.  My work awaits...  Here's hoping you had a good week, too! 


  1. Those lettuce sandwiches sound like something we might eat here the day before I go grocery shopping :) I'm glad your estate sale went well. How nice that you have a partner to scavenge with and split the work and profits with.

  2. I am going to try a lettuce sandwich tomorrow. It sounds yummy.