Sunday, October 5, 2014

Weekly Update 10-5-14

 We are all enjoying the onset of autumn weather this week.
It has been delightfully cool, to stormy one night,
and downright chilly (in the upper 30's!) Friday night.
 But Monday night was very pleasant on the deck as our Fellowship Group met.
 We talked and prayed and discussed the series our pastor,
 Greg Holder, is teaching now on "Echad: The Genius of One."
(You can view the podcasts, if you are interested, HERE.)
 Tina brought the perfect Pumpkin Dip snack for autumn.
She says you just mix together a regular size container of Cool Whip,
a one pound can of pumpkin pie mix (with the spices; not pumpkin puree)
plus a large box of instant vanilla pudding. Goes great with apple slices or
vanilla wafers--a really yummy flavor!
I made a quick Irish Soda Bread one evening for dinner.
Sadly, Sweetface doesn't eat much bread,
so I can't make it often because it all ends up on my end,
if you know what I mean.
The Monarch Butterflies have been all a-flutter on our Butterfly Bush. 
St. Louis is right on their migration route every year between
Canada and Mexico. They are so gorgeous!
 This weekend I went with Janine and her son Paul to the Best of Missouri Art Show
and the Shaw Art Fair, right next to each other in the city. It's our tradition to
 go if at all possible. Becky joined us there, too. Each year we see many of our
 old favorite artists plus plenty  of new ones. We buy more than we probably should,
 but we feel obligated to do our share to help feed starving artists. :-)
I was most tempted this year to purchase "Cat Man",
a fabulous fresco piece that I loved for its colorful humor.
Sadly, it was not at all within my budget.
(Unfortunately I lost the artist's card with her name--sorry!) 
This week I also decorated the house for Fall, cleaned out my closet for Winter,
got over 40 items listed on Ebay, went in for my doctor check-up, blogged twice,
and did all the other mundane, day-to-day things a homemaker does.
In all, it was a very good week.

Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit!
Please do say, "Hello!" with a comment below--How was your week?



  1. Yes, we have enjoyed the butterflies, showing them to our granddaughter, Katelynn. How wonderful is the cycle of life?

    1. Yes, it doesn't get much better than butterflies and granddaughters.

  2. I'm happy that I got my 15yo son to photograph, weigh & measure 22 items for me this Saturday. Took a little time showing him what to do, but I think I have myself a photographer! I've been struggling to figure out how to pay him, but he seems happy with $.50 per item. I can live with that. So it cost me $10.50. Once I list the items, even 1 sale will leave me at a profit. Kind of excited about that! LOL

    And I'm loving the cooler weather. Happy Fall!

    1. Wow, lucky you! Good luck keeping himat that pay scale! Happy fall to you!