Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Recipe Hit of the Week: Salmon, Squash & Rice Delight

     I had a wonderful salmon steak to prepare, not too large, but plenty for the two of us.  However, I am not too fond of salmon (unless it is smoked) because of the strong fishy taste.  Being from the Midwest, I never developed a taste for seafood. Sweetface, however, grew up on the Gulf coast, so he loves any kind of seafood, including sushi. So I figured out a way to make salmon palatable for even wimps like myself. And I did it with just a few ingredients which I had on hand. It turned out to be a big thumbs up for both of us! I think you will like it, too:
Start by cooking 1 cup of rice in your rice cooker.
Keep that warm while preparing the rest of the meal.
 Then cut up the salmon into about 1 1/2" square pieces.
Then squeeze over it the juice of one lemon,
then grate some of the zest over the top.
Add a few herbs of your choice.
Let it marinate together for at least 15 minutes.

Then pan sear the salmon in oil, or garlic flavored oil,
until it is cooked but not overcooked. Set aside, keeping warm.

Then cut up a medium sized zucchini or yellow squash.
(I only had the yellow, but a green zucchini would be better color contrast.)
Also cut up one chopped medium onion, and add some freshly chopped garlic.
(I grated 4 large garlic cloves with the lemon zester.)

Then stir-fry the veggies in oil in the same skillet, adding salt,
pepper, and herbs as desired. (I used Herbs de Provence.)

Warm your serving platter in hot water and dry it.
(I warmed mine by laying it upside down over the skillet as I stir-fried.)
Layer the rice, then the veggies, then the fish on top.

Sweet face loved it with soy sauce on the side.
I loved it just like it was.


  1. That looks so yummy. Interesting comment you made about being from the midwest and not being crazy about seafood. Hubby loves shrimp, but not fish. And I could never understand why as I LOVE it. But I grew up going fishing with my dad and most times eating the bounty we caught. So I grew up on fish, hubby didn't! LOL

  2. Looks yummy and so creative! I love all the ingredients listed, so I am sure I would love this dish too.

  3. Mmmm...Looks delicious! What would be a good side/appetizer to go with it?

    1. Honestly, it was enough for two meals for the two of us. But I'm sure a nice Caesar salad would be very good with it for a big family.

  4. That looks delicious, Linda. I grew up on Long Island so I love all types of seafood and right now I'm longing for salmon in curry sauce.

  5. As a fellow mid-westerner, I'm not a fan of salmon either. In fact, the only fish I normally eat is the breaded kind in the freezer section of the grocery store or Long John Silvers- keeping it classy :) However, your recipe looks delicious! I may have to try it. What herbs did you season it with?

    1. I used "Herbs de Provence", which is just a mixture of herbs typically from southern France. You can find recipes for it online, or just use your own favorite herbs. Yes, maybe it's time to move beyond frozen, breaded fish. LOL