Monday, February 2, 2015

My Top January Ebay Sales

     I thought it would be good to review my top sales for the month at the end of each month. That will help me to remember what kinds of items to scavenge for in the future. But I must add that many of my top selling items in January were items that I have started selling out of my own home in anticipation of possibly retiring and downsizing in the next few years. 
     The last time we moved from one house to another I just asked all of my friends to come and help me have a big estate sale. There were so many things I had scavenged at garage sales and thrifts just for that house, so I decided to sell them and make a profit instead of paying a mover to haul them. The hundred year old house had three levels, so I just put all of the for-sale items on the first floor, and it was loaded! In the end I made quite a tidy profit to help pay for what we did move. But I think that it would be easier to just take my time and think ahead this time, and sell the items slowly and thoughtfully from my Ebay store. That said, here are some of my best selling items:
This large Chicago Board of Trade framed poster sold for $200.
It was a Best Offer, since I had had it in my store for just over a year.
Unfortunately, I did not charge enough for the shipping costs.
Lesson learned: Charge enough for shipping in the future!
Happily the buyer sent me a note saying he used to work there,
and had looked for a long time for this poster.
(Where was he all year???)
These exquisite ballerina figurines were found at a local high-end
resale shop. They had signatures on the bottom and were obviously
underpriced. I had to do a lot of research to find out what they were vintage
 Italian pieces. They sold as a pair in a couple of days for $150 to someone in Europe.

This beautiful handwoven rag rug runner sold for $140.00
I found it at an estate sale last summer.
Quite a good buy for the buyer!

This gorgeous metal tole enamel vintage lamp sold for $150.00
It was in my guest room for a long time, but was rarely used.
The buyer and I had several conversations about whether she wanted
to take the lampshade, which wasn't in good shape.
She finally decided to take it and re-do it.
She promised to send me a photo when she is done.
I will share it with you when I receive it.

This little footstool sold for $100 to a buyer in the northeast.
It was another pretty thing in my living room that did not get used.

This was a gorgeous queen sized embroidery quilt kit,
with all of the proper skeins of embroidery, which sold for $100. 
I found it at an estate sale a few months ago.

This is a darling dancing bunnies figurine that sold for $90.
I had found it at a thrift shop and kept it for a long time.
Time to let it move on.

These lovely French JG Durand Crista D'Arques goblets sold for $61.50.
They sold as a Make Offer. I still have another 2 dozen in my store.

This sweet kittens needlepoint pillow sold for $50.
I just did not have a spot to put it in--too many pillows around here!

This size XL men's Columbia jacket sold for $50.
One of the things I bought while scavenging in Alaska last fall.
I always scavenge on trips--a fun way to see the area!

This gorgeous hand crocheted throw was sold for $50.
I had used it for quilt a while, but we have many throws
from my many scavenging excursions.

This precious rhinestone necklace sold for $50.
I can't even remember where I found it.

This is a thrifted gorgeous little frame I found at a thrift shop.
It didn't have a picture inside, so I just scanned an antique photo
that I have and put it inside to make it look perfect!
It sold for $35.
This is a very old Art Deco figurine that I found at a thrift shop
quite some time ago and placed on a glass dish, under a dome.
I had it in my home for a long time, until I decided it is just one
more thing that needs to move on. It sold for $40.
And, lastly, I had to show you a couple of teabag strainers that I
found while decluttering a kitchen drawer. I had bought them many
years ago at World Market I think. Loved them, but I have a much larger
matching set of 12, so decided to see if they were worth anything.
Who knew they would sell for $25?
Of course, these were just my higher-priced sales.
Just a few out of a total of 101 sales in January.
I don't usually have so many high-priced items sell because
it's the lower-priced items that make up most of my store.
But it was fun to sell these!


  1. What lovely things! So glad you got good prices for your pretties. I know what it's like to downsize and say goodbye to your possessions, but now you have all these great photographs to help you remember them. I honestly don't miss anything. In fact, the less I have around, the happier I feel these days.

    1. That's exactly how I am feeling right now--less is more. Except, of course for my few favorites. :-)

  2. WOW... You know I'm envious of your exceptional eye for such treasures...but you have invested a lot of time developing that eye...Congrats!!!

    1. Yes, I have been educated at the Ebay School of Hard Knocks.

  3. Awesome! I totally enjoyed this post! I haven't ebayed in awhile, but love seeing what others are doing. I wish you would remember to do this type of post more often. You have a great eye for 'scavengering".. is that a word? lol

    1. I hope to remember to do this at the en of each month. I like your new word, Scavengering. Ha!

  4. Love this post! It inspires me to get busy and get listing in my own eBay store. I've been so busy blogging lately that it's been neglected. Really like the idea of "shopping" in my own home....I'm sure there must be some desirable items under all the stacks of eBay inventory!

    1. It is truly amazing to start shopping your own home. And profitable, as well.

  5. Linda, you really do have exquisite taste. Lovely items and wonderful sales! I even learned about a new BOLO from this post. I had no idea you could get so much for a rag rug runner. I don't know how many of those I've passed by.

    1. The rag rugs are SO expensive brand new; no wonder people buy them on Ebay. Thanks, Kimberly!

  6. Some really great sales Linda. I'm always shocked that your small frames sell for so much $. So you think you'll ever stop thrifting, even if you retire? :)

    1. It's a sickness--I think I will still be Ebaying in "The Home". :-)

  7. Congratulations, Linda! I would imagine selling 101 items in one month is quite an accomplishment. Of course, all your things were lovely - you have quite an eye for picking what might sell. I have often thought of an ebay shop, but wouldn't know where to begin.

  8. You have such wonderful taste Linda.
    I need to start taking a better look at all the little
    frames I see at sales.
    Last year I sold three or four hand crochet bedspreads in my booth, they were huge and probably from the mid 1970s. I think I sold them for 20 dollars each, oh well ya live and learn.
    I wish now I had just listed them on ebay and got lots more money for them