Monday, April 6, 2015

Nancy's BIG Birthday Party!

     Our dear friend Nancy had a "Really, really BIG" birthday party to celebrate her 70th (she can't be, seriously?) birthday. Not only, that--but we were all celebrating that she is still with us after being diagnosed with a very serious health diagnosis a little over a year ago. I think the doctors are all very surprised that she is still with us, and with a clean bill of health. She is living proof of the power of prayer and an unshakable faith, not to mention a quiet, calm poise that all of us admire so much. Remarkably, after all of her treatment, she remains as beautiful as ever.
     Nancy held an all day Open House for family and friends, and it was non-stop hugs and delightful food, all of which she insisted on making herself. (And she is quite the gourmet chef!) I was delighted to meet many of her family as well as long-time friends and acquaintances; and didn't her son Monty send the most gorgeous roses?
     Thank you, dearest, sweetest Friend, for being who you are, and thank you Lord that we still have her smiling face to bless us! Next year WE cook!


  1. Morning Linda
    Well bless Nancy's heart for being such a strong person and you are so right that prayers are huge and they do work.
    What a nice party and a belated happy birthday to her.

    1. Thank you, Karen. You are such an encouraging lady. And I love your blog!

  2. What a lovely party. And how wonderful that your friend has a clean bill of health and was able to share her 70th birthday with all her dearest friends. Your'e right, Linda - the power of prayer is truly amazing. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Thanks, Susan. I hope your weather is as nice as our this weekend!