Sunday, January 10, 2016

     Happily, the flood waters disappeared as suddenly as they appeared. Yet the devastation has not gone, leaving too many homes and businesses damaged or destroyed. Fortunately our town has many caring hearts and a great deal of support and fundraising through local businesses such as the wine and cheese shop, the local Elks Club, as well as our churches. We are thankful for their outpouring of love on behalf of those who have lost so much.
     For those of us who have not suffered from the floods life has returned pretty much to normal. Tina, Janine and Ann came over to celebrate Becky's birthday (after she was trapped in her home by floodwaters for three days) with food, presents, and as always many hugs and laughs. We learned that she had gleefully escaped confinement by her text, "I've been voted off Eureka Island!"
    I got to go out to lunch recently with another friend, Carol, just for time to talk. How long did we put off doing that? Why don't we just pick a date and get together, rather than procrastinate? Time is too short to postpone sharing life with those we most want to enjoy. (Homework assignment: Call someone you miss and make a date now!)
    Saturday morning I awoke to see fat hamster-sized snowflakes form, leaving the kitties in wonderment at those fluffy things falling from the sky. The snow faded away before long, so as yet no accumulation here this winter season. If the recent 10-12" of flooding rains had been snow I wonder how many feet that would have been!
    It is the most wonderful time of the week when we get to enjoy our faith fellowship group in one of our homes. Words cannot express how it feels to be surrounded by such love and joy. It makes all the stresses of everyday life go away, leaving calm and hope in its place.
     My creative time this week was spent on making several pieces of jewelry out of old vintage pieces, some of which were green art glass beads and an antique green and gold pendant.
    I also tried a new recipe from another friend, Theresa, and it was quite yummy. You might want to enjoy her take on crockpot chili on one of these freezy winter nights soon.
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  1. Hi Linda! those pink roses in the glass basket are so beautiful! What a pretty table setting! I'm glad things have settled down your way. I always love your posts and get excited when I see a new one. Have a great day!

    1. And I always look forward to your sweet comments Little Pen Pen!