Monday, January 18, 2016



      This was a quiet week. I did not get my blog post done Sunday night as usual since we had friends over to watch an old movie. It has turned bitter cold here and promises to actually snow, with actual measurable amounts, this week.  It will be nice to see the beauty of snow again. I made a big pot of bean soup and corn bread Sunday, and the leftovers are great.
     The cats are up to their usual antics; Callie sitting in boxes, Rosie snuggled up against the morning chill. They keep me smiling all through the day. What a gift from God our pets are. 
     I also took the time to indulge in making more jewelry this week. I am on a hand-knotting obsession--I just love the process.  Sometimes I attach metal clasps, but this week I wanted to go more rustic since I was using a more natural looking type of beads. I made two similar squared Picture Jasper necklaces, one with a crocheted clasp using a wooden button and the other with a vintage pearlized button. Then I made an Amazonite necklace with a mother of pearl button. Finally I made a necklace of Natural Pink Ocean Agate beads and used no clasp at all since it is plenty long enough to go over your head, plus I made matching earrings.  I plan to put them in my Ebay store--IF I can part with them. Which one should I keep?
     Speaking of that...a Most Unusual Thing happened this week. I received an inquiry through Ebay from someone interested an antique Windsor chair I had listed. I had sold its mate a few months ago to someone in Cape Cod, and this one sat next to my fireplace in the living room. (I have a photo of it there on my November 27th post.) I had actually forgotten about it being on Ebay, I really enjoyed having it there. Well the inquirer, oddly enough, lived in my own small town here in Missouri. AND, not only that--she lived right here in my same Subdivision! How weird is that??? So, she and her husband just drove right over, loved the chair, bought the chair, threw it in their car and drove off! Now I am really missing that chair--ha!
     But now I can look for a new one, right? That is always way fun.


  1. Funny story about the chair! It's beautiful and I hope you find another. I'm 're' reading your book; please add me to your prayer list, I want to come HOME!

  2. Good morning Linda!
    I just love seeing Callie and Rosie...they are such gorgeous kitties. They make me miss my babies but that was in the past and I must move on and get my fix by seeing yours.
    Your jewelry is beautiful. You have a talent for choosing the right colors and accessories.
    Isn't it strange how some things turn out - the chair was certainly meant for this couple!!

    1. I miss our wonderful Sheltie, too. But she can't be replaced, sadly. So the kitties keep my spirits up.

  3. Ooh, the necklace with the pink ocean agate beads is so pretty. I see Callie is helping you out with some office work again. :) I miss you so much!


  4. Hi, Linda! Your book arrived in my mailbox this week, and I am really enjoying it. I used to feel very on top of my household, but eleven years ago we moved into a house triple the size of the house we lived in previously. About that same time, we decided to homeschool our kids, and I also worked various part time jobs to help out financially. Since the move, I've never felt like the entire house was clean or that I wouldn't be embarrassed if company came over unannounced. Your book is inspiring me and giving me an organized way to get it done. Thank you!! And on the question of which piece of jewelry to keep, I'm partial to the one with the shades of blue and green :)

    1. Thanks, Kimberly. The busier you are the more organized you need to be, and you are one busy lady. And, yes, I love the Amazonite necklace, too.