Thursday, March 17, 2016


     Sorry it has taken me longer than usual to post; I was having difficulty with downloading photos. (I am still an official Technotard.) It has been rainy/sunny/warmish, so I can't complain. We had some steady rain for a couple of days which brought up tiny spring bulbs--I am always happily surprised to see them, so cheery and colorful while the trees remain barren.  We had a record breaking 82 degrees on voting day Tuesday. I didn't even need a sweater to go vote in the morning.
     I took a break from my routine one day to enjoy an afternoon of shopping at the IKEA store with great friend Nancy--after lunching on their famous Swedish meatballs for lunch, of course.  It's hard to resist just buying things because they are so darned cute. But I got out with only the couple of things I needed. Why don't we take the day off like that to enjoy a friend more often?
     Sweetface and I have enjoyed our weekly dinner and fellowship gathering at our dear friend's home. But I am afraid they are going to have to add an extension on their dining room to lengthen their already long table! (And we may have to extend our waistbands.)
     We also enjoyed a rare evening out at the downtown Bistro for Jazz St. Louis, to see the fabulous Bosman Twins Band. Honestly, they are the most amazing musicians I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, and while dining, at that. It was a memorable evening enjoying some real, honest St. Louis blues.
     I'm including a little mossy greenery for you--have a happy St. Pat's!

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  1. I've only gone to a Jazz club once in my life...and that was when I was studying abroad in college (Vienna, Austria). Funny, I was just thinking about it a few days ago that we live in Chicago (city of Blues) and have never gone to one of these places. My hubby and I don't go out much (trying to get debt free), but I think I would like to have a date night like this. Looked like fun.