Saturday, April 14, 2018

     Hello again, friends.  
It's been a while, hasn't it, since I last blogged.
Not a lot has happened since then.
But things are always changing.
Life is dynamic.
We grow older,
Hopefully wiser.
I have been trying to grow in the Spirit
Even as I grow a year older every year.

In the meantime, Sweetface and I have traveled a bit.
On a business trip to New York.
To visit family in Hong Kong.
And random other places.
We have enjoyed friends and family.
Even our neighborhood ladies still get together.
Trusted, true friends remain active in our everyday life.
Some move on, as the rotating doors of life turn.
We enjoyed having two granddaughters, Heidi and Sofie, visit in December.
We even got to have the oldest, Gretchen, with us in New York
before returning with her here for a visit.
Daughter Erin and her husband Sean have moved
far away, to Scotland.
We need to go see them (and hug them) this summer.

I have continued with crafting, sewing, writing,
and my Ebay store.
One new thing; I opened a small antique mall booth.
Just for fun.
It seems that I have an addiction to such things.
One could have worse vices...
I suppose.

I wonder what you have done lately.
How has life been good for you?
I hope it has.


  1. Yes! It's been a long while! I've missed you. I picked up your book the other day while cleaning and wondered how you were doing. It looks like life has been good and you are doing well. I enjoyed all the photos and am excited that Scotland is in your near future. The antique booth sounds like fun! So glad to hear from you!

    1. Hello! I’ve missed you, too. I’d love to hear what you’ve been doing lately. Doing any sewing?