Saturday, May 12, 2018

Making Pillows & Lavender Sachets

From Vintage Linens 

That Are A Bit Imperfect 

and Thrifted Fabrics.

And Callie Cat is 15 Years Old 
She Received a Hello Kitty Balloon
And A New Mouse Toy.

We call her Elder-Cat.
She has gotten skinny and frail,
and only wants to eat kitty treats--
so of course she gets all she wants!

And plenty of sun-bathing.

 And Rosie Loves Her Ipad
She thinks bedtime is Ipad Time.

What's the Squirrel Smelling?

Birdie Smack-Down!

Then A Nap.


  1. Love your creations, Linda, and your cats are adorable!

    1. We are a bit prejudiced here, but we think they are adorable, too! :-)

  2. Just love your blog, your pictures and pillows are beautiful, such a gifted woman.

    1. Thank you; We are all gifted in various ways I'm sure!

  3. Now is that not the cutest??? I love that your cat loves the ipad. And your elder cat is precious and so well spoiled. I have a heart for vintage linens and I love what you do with them.

    1. I have hundreds of vintage linens in my antique mall booth--they are so delicious. I can't bear to sew with them unless they are damaged, but then I do like to make them beautiful again.