Monday, May 28, 2018

Occupants On Our Front Door 

New Front Yard Plants

Flea Market with Friends 

My Antique Mall Booth 

and How God Says, "I Love You"


              Winter was quite tough on our boxwoods, leaving them pretty damaged.  They were ten years old and getting overgrown anyway, so I had them removed and replaced with pink Knock Out rose bushes.  I also planted some Morning Glory seeds at the lattice on the porch. I can't wait until they take off and start blooming, which takes several weeks but is worth it in the long run...stay tuned for that. I put out fresh flowers on the porch. I really like the Rosemary topiaries on either side of the front door.  (Costco!)

       But the sweetest addition to our front porch is hidden in the pink silk tulips wreath on the door.  I noticed some of the twigs were missing from the top left side of the wreath, and every time I opened the front door there was a messy twiggy spot on the doorstep. So I got a step ladder and looked, and sure enough there was a tiny nest with three fuzzy little birds inside.  Mother bird had worked hard at redesigning my wreath into her new home, and I didn't mind a bit.  The wreath will be ruined by the time the babies fly away, but this would be its last season anyway, having been around for a few years.  I will gladly share it with those precious baby birds. 

     I opened a new antique mall booth a couple of months ago just for the fun of it.  I thought it would be a fun little venture for a change of pace. Running it is a good way to get out rather than sit at my computer listing on my Ebay store, too. 

       On Memorial Day I went with three girlfriends to a flea market in the city and scored a few finds for my booth and home.  It was hotter than blazes and humid, too, but well worth reconnecting with friends who are so busy. Sometimes you just have to make the time, and this was certainly one of those times.  One friend is going through a difficult time in her life and we really wanted to love on her.  We were so glad we did it, even in the 93 degree heat.
       Shortly after getting my antique mall booth I had to find several display pieces for my items.  I walked through another antique mall and noticed a nice black metal baker's rack in someone's booth, which was not for sale.  I though having one like that would be perfect to fill out my display area and set baskets of vintage linens. But I knew that searching for one could take a long time and I might never find one quite like that.  So I just told my heavenly Father, "I sure would like a baker's rack like that, Father.  Would you please help me find one for my booth?" Then I forgot about it, knowing that one would turn up sooner or later somewhere.  

       That same night was Vendor's Night at my antique mall; a time when vendors can come in after hours to rearrange and redecorate our booths to freshen them up.  I had barely started fixing things up when a vendor from around the corner pushed that exact same kind of baker's rack up to my booth right in front of me and said, "I need to get rid of this. Would you like to buy it, cheap?"  I could hardly contain my surprise, but managed to hide my shock and reply, "Why, yes, I would!" So there, within a matter of hours my heavenly Father had provided exactly what I had requested.  Seriously, what were the chances of that happening? 

       I was delighted not so much about the item as I was about how remarkably God delights in sending us little miracles like that as unmistakable messages to say, "I love you."  He loves it when we ask, even for the most simple things, so He can show us how precious we are to Him. What a dear, dear, Father we have! Have you asked Him for anything lately? if not, I hope you do!



  1. Your front door is absolutely wonderful... I love the pink!! And the birds, how sweet. We used to have birds on the front porch at our former home, but I haven't seen any nesting where I can see them here. You are so cute in your little striped dress. Your booth looks like a place where I could spend some time ... I hope it does well for you. And the bakers rack.... isn't God amazing??? What a blessing for you from your Father!

    1. Thank you! It’s hard not to love baby birds, even when you know your wreath will need to be replaced after they leave. Where there’s Life there are messes. I was pretty awed by that baker’s rack thing. God is always whispering to us, but sometimes He really gets right up close and personal. I live for such moments.

  2. Great looking flowers and beautiful front door, I love that baby birds are enjoying your beauty also. I was at your store over the weekend and purchased a couple of beautiful towels.
    Thank you for sharing with all of us your beautiful and lovely life😘❤️😘

    1. Thank you Tina—I need all the sales I can get! Haha. Thank you for sharing your life with mine, making it beautiful and lovely indeed. πŸ’•