Saturday, July 21, 2018

July in Missouri

Our family loves the Fourth of July.
We are in love with America!

And it was also our granddaughter Gretchen's 20th birthday.
She liked the presents we sent her.
Especially the large Baggalini for carrying her
water bottle, lunch and college books to her accounting job.
She liked the antique Austrian crystals necklace and earrings 
that I made for her, too.

The Fourth of July is also my birthday, too.
Tina gave me a wonderful birthday party with our girlfriends 
Becky Ruthie and Ann at her home.
I wish I hadn't forgotten to snap photos,
except when we were leaving and saw FIVE beautiful bucks in her yard.
The best gift of all!

When Janine came home from a trip she took me shopping and out to lunch.

Caldwell's serves one mean Taco Tower.

The front door wreath had to be replaced after the baby birds left home.
This is a wreath I picked up at the thrift shop and added a few flowers.

Making fresh lemonade is a must in the summer.
Bags of lemons are such a bargain at Costco!
The lemon pitcher is an old Martha Stewart model from the thrift shop.

I took advantage of a sale at Sur La Table' to buy several
of these bakers with lids.

Perfect for individual peach pies.

Their kitty mugs were on sale too!

And of course the berries are plentiful,
so I made a mixed berry crunch in my iron skillet.

Best with French vanilla ice cream of course!

Sweet Tina shared some of her delectable garden produce.

I attended a wedding shower for our wonderful niece, Christina.

The setting was delightfully pink themed!

Our friend Scott invited us to join him at the local pub this week.
He let me sit on his motorcycle, but was wise enough not to invite me to drive it.
(I couldn't hold it up!)

I rearranged my antique mall booth.

Enjoyed a few more glorious sunsets.

And enjoyed one of our famous Midwestern thunderstorms.
This is 3 minutes long, but worth the watch if you haven't
experienced a constant lightning storm.
It came so close, but it never even rained on us.

I have run on long enough for now.
But I'm waiting to hear what you have done this July.
Please share a comment and subscribe below. 

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  1. Amazing video! Cheers from Vermont, Brad

  2. I’m glad it worked! Thank you.

  3. Love the video! God is truly on His throne! Happy Birthday to you; mine is tomorrow. I really like your antique mall booth; I think that would be a fun thing to do.

  4. Happy birthday! The older we get the longer we are required to celebrate!

  5. You have had an eventful summerful of wonderful moments already! My husband and I were captivated by that storm, as well. After we dropped are grandkids home that night, we parked at a good vista to enjoy the electrical show! Such power! I thought about when Jesus returns in the clouds, and it will be seen as vividly as lightning, from the East to the West!! -Darlene

  6. You have had a wonderfully eventful summer already, Linda! (did you get my card?) My husband and I enjoyed the same storm. After dropping off the grandchildren at their home, we parked at a suitable vista to watch the electrical show. Such power! I thought of what it will be like when Jesus returns in the clouds, with power and glory and brilliance, as lightning, from the East to the West, for all to see!!

  7. Yes, thank you for the card! Great thoughts; I love it. You are so nearby I should have known you would be enjoying it too. I'm surprised it didn't rain on you either!

  8. Your July sounds full of delightful moments. Love the sunset photos!


    1. The sky is God’s artwork. Sometimes I forget to look up and be amazed.