Friday, August 17, 2018

 Little Secrets to Big Happiness

"Find the Joy in the Ordinary" moments of life.
If we don't enjoy the smallest moments, 
the sights, smells, touch, or the way the light slants across a room,
we will miss most of the most beautiful parts of our day.

Learn how to relax.
I watch my cat and wonder if she enjoys life
much more than I do.
She knows how to go totally limp.

When she's tired, she naps.
She spends a whole day on the porch just watching the birds.
I have never done that.
Why not?

Eat a hearty breakfast.
At least on the weekend.
(I don't eat breakfast at all during the week.)
But Saturday breakfast is my special time with Sweetface.
We sit in the living room in our pajamas 
and talk until we are hungry.
Then I make a high protein midwesterner's brunch.
It's a special time.

Enjoy your mornings.
Start the day intentionally, pleasantly, slowly.
Mornings are my "quiet time".
For a cup of coffee, prayer, reading, 
journaling, and brushing/snuggling the cat.
The way you start your day affects the whole day.
Make it your own.

Organize your closet.
Get rid of the freeloaders that you never wear,
or don't make you feel fantastic,
 that only cramp and clutter your personal boutique.
When it feels too overwhelming to do it all at once
just decide to remove one item of clothing a day,
every day, until it feels more comfortable.
Pair up your tops with bottoms on the same hanger.
Then getting dressed each morning will be a pleasure.

Dress up, as much and as often as possible.
Even if it's just a dress you made for yourself.
Feel special before going out the door.
Even to run to the grocery store, look your best.

Paint your toenails Bubble Gum Pink.
Or whatever your favorite flavor is.
Then admire them when you relax.
That always makes me feel pretty.

Take a class, even about something you already know how to do, 
just for the fun of it. 
I recently took a chalk painting class where we painted 
picture frames at a darling shop, "Fleur de Chic."
I not only got a few new tips on chalk painting, 
but met some delightful new friends.
It was well worth the effort.


Surround yourself with beauty.
Make your home a sanctuary,
A place of peace and restoration.

Spoil yourself with small indulgences.

Even if it is just a bunch picked up at the grocery store, 
have fresh flowers in your home.

Notice nature.
It's incredible.

The smallest things are breathtaking.

Be amazed by the sky.
It's never the same twice.
Live in awe of God.
Remember He created all of this for You.
Enjoy it.
Each and every day.

What do you do to enjoy each day?
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  1. Hi Linda,
    This is a beautiful post filled with lots of beautiful photo's. You seem to know how to enjoy life; to stop and smell the roses. Since I've retired, I am learning to enjoy the little things a lot more. I have a hummingbird who flies right up to my face and stares at me. I find myself ducking my face into my shirt because it scares me at first. lol then I come back out, and we look at each other! God's blessing, for sure!

    1. That is truly amazing. That bird must be a little messenger—God is watching you!

  2. I love your posts and everything looks wonderful. I love your idea thanks for sharing.