Sunday, October 28, 2018

Paris Trip 2018

      I finally got around to going through our September Paris trip photos.  I'm beginning to think the job of sorting and editing is not my favorite part of traveling. I kept hoping Sweetface would get in the mood to take care of the photos, but he is busier than I am apparently. Hopefully we will get around to making a photo book before the year is over.
      Paris was uncharacteristically warm for the end of September, but it was still cooler than our home in the Midwest, so we were fine with that. Our travel agent put us up in his favorite hotel, and we loved it. It was right on the corner by the Arc de Triomphe, overlooking a couple of lovely French bistros with the outdoor tables across the street--so very romantic. I especially liked our little balcony with the classic French black wrought iron railing, and sitting there eating a treat from L'Occitane, just a short walk up the Champs-Elyse'es.  I went in L'Occitane because they have my very favorite soaps and toiletries, and was stunned to see the Paris store had a fabulous bakery replete with tables and chairs right there in the store! The stores and restaurants were all pretty amazing, as well as the historical sites of course. So we walked a lot, as well as rode the red Hop On-Hop Off bus, and still managed to enjoy our cozy little room in the evenings. 
      The narrow little side streets near the Notre Dame cathedral were my favorites--so colorful and unique. That is always more interesting to me than all the large chain stores, even in that famous venue. Tiny stores with a shop cat in the doorway are such an adventure. Sweetface and I found small treasures to squeeze into our luggage as souvenirs for our friends, family and ourselves.  He selected a tiny colorful Melamine tray with a street map of Paris to sit on his desk. He keeps his cup of coffee on it now.  I found little square tin boxes of scented soaps with colorful pictures on the lids to bring home and kept one for myself. But my favorite find was a large silver plated ladle inscribed with my husband's monogram, discovered at a corner street brocanteur's wares. I use it now every time I make soup, making me savor sweet memories of Paris as well as our meal.  

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  1. Look at you in Paris!! Beautiful pic's!

  2. Ah! Paris! Amazing photos. That's a long line for Notre Dame! We went early in 2016 so no line then a visit my all time favorite bookstore across the Sienne, Shakespeare and Co.