Saturday, October 13, 2018

Summer Travels #2: London, England

Summer 2018 Travels #2: 

London, England




      We headed from Scotland for England with daughter Erin and son-in-law Sean. We stayed in the newly renovated Principal Hotel in downtown London. It was beautiful! London was so much fun, seeing the historical sights and enjoying a variety of restaurants. We walked miles and miles, and rode the red hop-on-hop-off bus for hours. Erin and Sean were such fun to travel with, as were their friends from the U.S. who stayed at the same hotel. 
     The thing I loved most about London was not as much the city itself but the people in it.  I stopped in a diner to get a cold root beer to go, and when I tried to sort out my Euros for payment the handsome young man behind the counter refused to let me pay saying, "You're so nice." I was so taken aback it brought tears to my eyes. Such unexpected kindness can do that.      And I'll never forget my conversations with the beautiful girls in the indy pop-up shops, like the one where college-age girls stamped handmade paper goods, or the one where I purchased a hand stamped tote bag. Or most especially the one where a young woman and her sister had moved from Turkey to London to attend "Uni".  She studied bookeeping while her sister studied clothing design, and they impulsively opened a shop filled with the most wonderful clothes they had made from colorful Turkish towels. We talked for the longest time about random things. She was surprised to know that I know how to make Bakalava (she wished she did.) I asked how she had acquired such excellent English, which was by watching American TV shows while growing up in her hometown of Istanbul.  She asked if I thought she sounded more British or American in her accent. "Oh, very American," I replied, to which she was delighted! 
     At the end of our stay Erin and Sean traveled on with their friends to see the more of the English countryside.  (A couple of weeks after that Erin and Sean, having completed his year of studies at the University of Edinburgh, packed up and moved back home to Denver.) We wished we had time to go with them to visit more of England, but had already made arrangements to go on to Paris, which I will show you next time.
     Thanks for stopping in for a visit--I hope these little journal notes are of interest to you!
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  1. Nice travelogue! Can't wait to hear about Paris!

    1. Thanks Brad—I’m so behind! After Paris comes Alaska!